Hearing Aids

The first step following the diagnosis of a hearing loss and the recommendation of hearing aids is to schedule a Hearing Aid Assessment.  This appointment is scheduled through      Ear, Nose, and Throat SpecialtyCare.  There is a charge for this visit, so please check with your insurance provider for coverage as most do not pay for this appointment.  This appointment is scheduled for 60-90 minutes.  During your visit, we will help you determine which of the many types of hearing aids would be most appropriate for you.  Your lifestyle and hearing needs will be taken into consideration for this process.  In most cases, the audiologist will recommend two hearing aids, as this will enable you to maximize your hearing potential.  Once the recommendation has been made, a fitting appointment will be scheduled.

During the 60 minute fitting appointment, you are instructed in the use and care of the hearing aids.  State law mandates a 45 day trial period during which the hearing aids should be worn at home, work, and during social activities.  Frequent daily use is the best way to determine the benefit received by wearing hearing aids.  During the trial period, you will be seen by the audiologist to discuss problems, ask questions and make any necessary changes to the programming of the hearing aids.  All hearing aids come with a manufacturer's warranty for repair and loss/damage as well as a service contract with Minnesota Hearing Aid Professionals, Inc.

Hearing aids vary considerably in cost, most ranging from $1600-$3700 per aid.  The range in price is determined by the technology level and the style of the aid.  Please check with your insurance for hearing aid coverage as most insurances do NOT cover hearing aids.

It takes most people a number of weeks to adjust to wearing hearing aids.  This is called acclimatization.  It is easy to appreciate hearing friends and family better, but it can be very challenging getting used to all the noise in our world.  For most adults, hearing loss occurs gradually over a number of years.  Imagine what adjustments your brain and ears have to go through when you get your hearing back in less than an hour!  The best way to achieve satisfaction and normalcy with hearing aids, is to simply wear them.